• Quality, speed, flexibility

These are the 3 keywords of Bronzoni‘s philosophy, in order to offer a service of always improved quality to each of our clients. To do so, we decided to  split our offer in 2 categories: standard and custom. Brake motors, waterproofed motors, with long crankshaft motors, with lubricators ones, with encoder ones, they are only some of our customizations. Indeed all our motors are adaptable and editable according to the various needs. We have also enlarged our ranges, providing our standard motors with encoders. Our innovative and personalized line is complete with all the components that assure greater rationality in the executions, improvements in the logistic and assembling procedures, and a consistent reduction of the time necessary for the various coupling.

Time elasticity is also another distinctive characteristic of our production line which anyway prefers to have results in short time, way under the normal average of days necessary for the creation of customized motors.

Moreover the scrupulous checks on the complete productive cycle, since the entry of raw materials to the delivery of the final article, confirm the achievement of a high qualitative degree. Quality doesn’t reside only in the fact of being motors’ artisans, but also in providing the best possible service. Our clients testify it together with the certifications obtained year after year.

Over time, several challenges and technological improvements tested us, but we replied with passion and enthusiasm, being sure that ideas and continued innovations guarantee the reliability and the durability of Bronzoni motors, answering to the most challenging and demanding market requests.