Bell motors

Bronzoni  since 30 years is the leader in the bell motors sector. This kind of motors presents well known structural features that we developed during the years together with the secor technicians, so creating a dedicated series. Other than in Kw we use the measure for starting torque values, measured through dynamometric rods. According to the requested torque Bronzoni has the possibility to structure the motors in different configurations:

  • Shields and frame in cast iron
  • Shields in aluminium and cast iron frame
  • Cast iron shields and steel frame

The typology of codes produced has been studied for the 8-12 poles range. Other features are the non continuous service, the class F insulation, B35 shape, thermic protections on board. Possibility of steel frame dor extremely high torques and possibility to provide the motor in brake version. Bronzoni motor is provided with:

– cast iron flange prepared as brake, the mounting of this last one in the non drive end part of the motor is made by the installator himself.

– and protection carters, in the normality with smooth shaft, but with important orders we have the possibility to have also a callettata version.