Three-phase for inverter use

Our motors for inverter use are manufatured with the maximum care and with advanced techniques and premium materials:

  • Magnetic plate with low losses for the magnetic circuit
  • Windings realized with particular care
  • Premium quality copper cable with class F insulation double varnish 
  • Painting with polyestere resins
  • Insulation between phases and to the ground
  • Optimal quality insulation materials used: Mylar Nomex
  • Double vacuum sealed impregnation
  • Devoted routing tests (ex. PDIV)

Thanks to these proceedings and materials we obtain insulation values clearly superior at the average compared to a standard motor, and our end-line tests confirm it: 

  • Insulation proof for a standard motor: V 1800/5”
  • Rigidity proof for a motor with inverter use V 2000/60”